For a company that seeks to be an innovator in its market, to lead; not follow, capture the heart, mind, loyalty and satisfaction of their customers and raise the standards of of their industry, we provide compelling fact-based, results-oriented strategic and foundational services and support,

LEADERSHIPTeam and Individual

  • Adapt leadership style to maximize engagement
  • Lead by influence not power
  • Instill ethics, morality and codes of conduct
  • Support managerial courage
  • Identify core behaviors
  • Drive key performance indicators
  • Encourage, enroll and engage followers
  • Think strategically and innovate
  • Champion facted-based decision making
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STRATEGIC PLANNINGInnovation and Expansion

  • Anticipate market shifts
  • Orchestrate for change
  • Plan achievements
  • Innovate for competitive advantage
  • Identify strengths
  • Eliminate weakness
  • Seek out opportunities
  • Remove threats to success
  • Lead instead of follow the industry
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ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENTStrategic Alignment & Resource Empowerment

  • Prioritization
  • Hierarchical decision making
  • Group/Team empowerment
  • Establishing trust
  • Remove competitive barriers
  • Cultivate employees
  • Measure quality at all levelss
  • Engage all skillsets
  • Capitalize on opportunities
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CHANGE MANAGEMENTEnterprise-wide, Departmental & Project-Centric

  • Address emotional affects
  • Control the technologies
  • Anticipate behavioral reactions
  • Support, Empower and Encourage
  • Identify effective reinforcers
  • Drive, strive and thrive
  • Create a culture for success
  • Emotionally own it
  • Succeed through repetition
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SMALL BUSINESS SERVICE CENTERGoal Setting, Structuring Success & Profitability

  • Competitive innovation
  • Customer and vendor relations
  • Profits and sustainability
  • Quality and efficiency
  • Leveraging employee skills
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Business Analytics
  • Managerial courage
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RISK MANAGEMENTAssess, Eliminate, Transfer, Mitate & Control

  • Understand threats to business
  • Weigh probabilities
  • Control the environment
  • Eliminate barriers
  • Mitigate threats
  • Transfer potential harm
  • Accept and deal with the unexpected
  • Meet with equal force
  • Persevere/li>
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INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ETIQUETTEUnderstand, Appreciate, Respect & Demonstrate

  • Understand how cultural etiquette effects engagement
  • Analyze how Diversity IQ impacts business
  • Know the guidelines for gift giving
  • Recognize the offenses hands and fingers communicate
  • Learn to properly greet, introduce and communicate
  • Strengthen negotiation skills
  • Achieve stronger multi-national partnerships
  • Increase Cultural IQ
  • Remove preconceptions and embrace facts
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PRO BONO CHARITY ORGANIZATIONSServices to help communities & charities thrive

  • Leadership skills
  • Strategy
  • Organization management
  • Ethics
  • Effective communication
  • Engagement and partnership building
  • Virtual Team management
  • Tactical implementation
  • Presentation and demonstration
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